Risk & Finance Optimizer helps you deliver continuous optimization of your Finance & Risk compliance by providing you data on how your bank compares with competitors, providing ready to use machine learning algorithms and maximizing your team’s efficiency.
Optimizer also helps you transform your regulatory data into a strategic asset by aligning your regulatory and business efforts.
Only Regvolution comes with a database of thousands of Risk & Finance metrics from more than 130 banks, ready to implement modules to detect and remediate anomalies and machine learning-based optimization algorithms

Key Features

Portfolio Optimizer

Use combinations of data inputs to verify relationships between variables, detect data redundancies and optimize data processes.

Use correlated variables to simulate impacts and find optimal solutions based on your Risk & Finance data.


Benchmark Data

Use benchmark data from over 130 banks to get insights on your portfolio and get guidance on portfolios and risk parameters to focus on.

You can create and share your own metrics and generate reports to be presented to the management.

Auto Data Quality

Use explainable automatic machine learning to quickly detect data quality issues.

Introduce this flexible solution adaptable to any database schema to predict RWA (or other metric) impact and prioritize your remediation tasks.

E2E Consistency

Improve efficiency and focus of your teams by leveraging on data lineage efforts and automated SQL queries.

Verify anomalies across calculation process and with an end-to end perspective. 

For whom is Optimizer designed?

The solution is aimed to be used by risk data analysts, CROs and teams coordinating regulatory credit risk management activities across their organizations, project managers responsible for Basel/IFRS9 programs and credit and business areas.

Want to know more?

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