Banks must look beyond the short-term. Services provided by expensive consulting companies offering services dependent on manual labour, quickly outdated advice, time-based invoicing and information asymmetry are not the future. The resilience of the banking system and our future requires a more long-term approach that only a strategical vision and technology can deliver.


To lead the transformation of Risk & Finance regulation into a strategical asset


Provide the best platform that allow data-based services in Risk & Finance to:
• Provide quick data-based insights for optimal business decision
• Automate processes to significantly improve efficiency

Risk & Finance data-based decision

Machine Learning and optimization models to improve the portfolio-mix, suggest new capital optimization opportunities and align business decision process to regulatory constrains

Automation of Finance & Risk processes

Internalize and automate benchmark data comparisons against peers, improve anomaly detection capacity, root cause analysis and remediation of Risk & Finance data using Machine Learning.